jet lagged

does it occur to you 
in that instant 
shows of love
and flickers of light of hurt and right into the bone
stone timed wherever we
may fly
like birds down
south where the sun shines
in your coloring skin.
I have been,
and will be
there in your dreams
where you sleep
to hide from all that hype.

and so I let myself in today
amidst the wave and its prey
but they all stammer and
as i candor in the wind
my fingers are like walking,
and I feel like a dead man walking 
when you look that way
and you talk this way
that earth cannot master…
the mountains and their arrogance, the ocean and its dominance, the trees and their collectivity, and the soil in its changing of the moments.

hello Night,
I am ready for it to be morning.


my vacation is with my friends
who i have grown to love dearly
and even we make mistakes.
you learn to love again
in the valleys of land slivers and time.
though, we grow like flowers
when the weeds try to their own misery.

we can only survive under water
sunken sun burn
our limbs are all color and slick
charcoal throats and liquid brain waves
wave me back to the shore and pull me close again